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At U-chüs, not only are we dedicated to following fair trade practices, but we are also mindful of our environmental impact. This is reflected in the materials used, as well as the procurement and production practices followed in sourcing and producing our products. Below are some of the materials and practices we use to ensure sustainable production.

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Recycled Fabrics

Recycled denim and other recycled fabrics are often used in our products as they are readily available materials that would otherwise end up in an ever-growing landfill. Re-purposing these fabrics and giving them new life also negates the environmental cost of producing new materials, making them one of the most sustainable materials available.


Soft, natural and durable, jute comes from the stalks of jute plants. Jute grows mainly in Bangladesh and is the same fibre that is used to make burlap. It requires no chemical intervention, less water than cotton and very little land due to its’ fast growth cycle. It also is 100% biodegradable and compostable, making it an ideal eco-friendly material.

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Hemp uses less water compared cotton and also has a higher yield. Not only does it require fewer pesticides to produce, but it also helps remove toxins from the soil. The fabric made of hemp fibres is breathable, durable and naturally anti-microbial. These properties make it one of the most versatile sustainable materials available.


Terracotta is a natural material that is used to make our pottery items. Its’ rich colour makes for naturally attractive products and it is also recyclable. It is also sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly.

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Seagrass comes from the Typha plant also known as Hogla, that grows abundantly along Bangladeshi river banks. As it is fast growing and invasive, it is a sustainable material and harvesting it is actually beneficial for biodiversity. The material makes for naturally durable woven products that are eco-friendly.