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Our Textiles

All our textiles are hand-printed by block-printing artisans in Rajasthan, India, who use techniques passed down through their ancestry over centuries from generation to generation. We use both natural and azo-free dyes. Each type of dye produces a different result as the dying process varies depending on the type of dye used. Below is an in-depth look at our block printing and dying processes.

The Design

The Blocks

Carving: The chipper transfers the image onto a block of teak and chisels the design into the block

Oiling: Once the blocks are carved to perfection, they are soaked in oil overnight, to seal them.

Final Blocks: The blocks are then taken out of the oil and left to dry overnight.


Step 1: The prepared printing blocks are dipped in a mixture of mud that consists of clay, lime and fermented wheat and hand stamped onto dry fabric.

Step 2: The fabric is then sprinkled with dry sawdust to “cure” the mud and the mud printed fabric is then soaked in natural Indigo vats overnight.

Step 3: The fabric is then removed from the indigo vats and washed in a water bath by the “dhobi”.

Step 4: The “dhobi” are men who specialise in hand-washing away the mud by soaking the fabric in large concrete water baths and beating the soaked fabric against the concrete.

Step 5: The result is a resist-printed fabric with a beautifully diffused white pattern on Indigo fabric.

Hand Block Printing

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