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Fair Trade

Have you ever wondered where your products come from, who is the face behind the gift? Were they paid a living wage, can they afford to send their children to School? Do they have adequate access to Health Services?         

Fair Trade is an internationally recognised philosophy and approach to changing lives through trade. Making trade fairer for all. We say NO to child labour and sweatshops.​

When working with our producer groups, we only engage with organisations which use the 10 fair trade principals to define their business model.

Two of our producer group partners are World Fair Trade Certified.

This is a system of internal auditing by an independent exterior fair trade governing body. This certification gives us the confidence that our partner producer group are what they say they are. 

So there’s our alternative trade framework. Some would say it's quite different to current international trade practices.

So how does fair trade actually work? Looking at the 2016 calendar year and the 5 orders we placed as an example, highlighting our partnership with Corr in Bangladesh. I wanted to know how many people we employed to make our products, for how many days and at what rate.

​Providing employment in 6 production areas, 411 artisans were employed for a total of 76 days at double the rate of non-fair trade employers. Our orders help to provide much needed income in mostly rural areas spread far and wide across Bangladesh.

Without Fair Trade, rural life can offer very limited work opportunities, is low paid and physically hard, leaving our artisans with very little time to spend with their children. Working poor situation!

Fair trade craft work can be limited in volume, however it gives the artisan groups work and returns profit to all participating members. It is a co-operative approach.

Our fair trade partner organisations for example Corr provide, savings schemes, income generation training, interest free micro-finance, health checks and emergency medical support when needed.

They offer child educational support, disaster relief and last but not least profit sharing through the disbursement of annual operational surplus.​

U-Chüs Fair Trade is an active member of the West Australia Fair Trade Collective and a certified Fair Trader of Australia.​

If you would like more information about Fair Trade please click on the following links or call us at U-Chüs:

WTFO; World Fair Trade Organisation
FTAANZ; Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand